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Did... did you just... make a game... where you pixelated actual works of art.  Wow.

I did! I used photos from the Met Museum's archives as reference.

Amazing! Did you draw the sculptures yourself?!

Thank you! I did! I drew them using photos as references from the museum's website.

this was great. thank you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to play!

beautiful art and writing! reminds me of this comic by Lynda Barry

I love Lynda Barry! What an honor to remind you of that comic. Thank you!

This game is so poetic. You really gave me the feeling of being a museum, well-done!


Ah thank you! I'm chuffed to hear you had a touch of that museum experience!

This is gorgeous!! The different angles of each piece and the thoughts that go with them are so well-done <3

Thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoyed it!

this is amazing! i found the transitions to be particularly effective (:

Thank you so much! <3


I'm growing really fond of Bitsy recently. What an amazing job you did with the artwork. This was a nice and cool experience to play.


I'm so happy you enjoyed! Thank you for sharing with me!

Absolutely great! very nice idea

Thank you for taking the time to play and sharing some encouraging words!

WOW! Absolutely fantastic!! It´s really awesome. Great great work, a piece of art!

Ah, thank you for your kind comment! I'm happy you enjoyed it. :)